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Tips and tricks

Gouttières Et Revêtements Alco's specialists have some tips and tricks for keeping your gutters in good condition.

How to maintain your gutters?

1. Clean the gutter profiles

This means remove all debris that has fallen into the gutters. You need to remove branches, rocks, leaves and all other debris found there.

2. Start at the bottom of the gutter

Open the evacuation vents, remove debris and wash with water.

3. Decluttering the profiles

Remove anything that got stuck in the profiles. You can try using a trowel for this.

4. Repair leaks

Turn a bucket upside down to black the down flow, and fill the gutter with water to find and repair the leaks.

5. Check and repair obstructions

Remove the bucket and check that everything flows out into the drain. Check the bend in the downspout and remove any obstructions.

6. Wash the gutters

Wash the gutters thoroughly with a stream of water. Be careful if you are working on a ladder. It is sometimes better to call on a specialist in the field.

7. Use a high-pressure washer

If you wish, you can clean your gutters using a high-pressure washer.

8. Use a cylindrical brush

This type of brush will be excellent for scraping the inside of the profiles of your gutters.

9. Use pliers with handles

Pliers will help you a lot. They can even be equipped with telescopic extensions.

10. Take stock

After cleaning your gutters, it is important to always take stock. Check to see if there are any holes in the gutters, if there are any broken hangers, if the connecting joints are in good condition and the brackets are still on.

How to Avoid Ice Accumulation in Your Gutters?

  1. Be sure to check the condition of your roof, to see if it is well insulated. If this is not the case, the water that drains from the roof will create ice in your gutters and risk damaging them.
  2. You can apply a thin layer of salt, this will decrease the thickness of ice that may form and reduce the risk of breaking the gutters.

Tips for Reducing Gutter and Downspout Noise

Metal gutters can sometimes be noisy, especially if they have a lot of corners, turns and baffles. Sometimes, this noise can be disturbing for some homeowners whose bedroom is on the 2nd floor of the house, for example. However, it is possible to remedy the situation.

A Solution for Gutters with Elbows

An easy option to reduce the noise of a downspout is to install a nylon rope. Simply glue a 3/8"diameter rope around the hole in the downspout with gutter sealant. Afterwards, you can stick the rope in the elbows so that it follows the shape of the downspout.

Another option is to install a square of sponge, shingle or carpet in the bottom of the elbow so that this square absorbs the noise in the gutter. However, be careful that this spongy material does not obstruct the water flow, as that would cause problems much more serious than noise.

If the gutter noise really annoys you, you can also install a rain chain. The rain will slide gently along the chain rather than falling loudly down the spout.

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